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Heritage featuring different cultures, gastronomy and nature

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Oia, with an area of more than 83 km2 and a 21-km coastline, is considered one of Galicia’s best-preserved beauty spots. If we add the human qualities of its inhabitants and its relationship with other civilizations, demonstrated down through the centuries by means of its rich heritage, then it is easy to see why more and more of you are coming back to visit this municipality.

Its prehistoric remains, such as its “castros” (Iron Age settlements) and numerous petroglyphs, along with the experience and research provided by the monks in the Monastery of Oia, in agriculture (monastic pharmacy, seeds brought from all the continents, numerous farms) and in fishing (fish factories and “camboas” or weirs), enable us to enjoy outstanding cultural heritage that is highly appreciated by those who spend a few days in our region.

The area’s rich gastronomy is another aspect that you should take into account when it comes to planning your visit. Our local produce, which is becoming more and more popular, includes seafood and fish as well as meat from our free-roaming cattle.

Finally, the kindness of our inhabitants, always welcoming and willing to help tourists, is another aspect that makes Oia an ideal tourist destination in the south of Galicia. 


One last thing: please enjoy this paradise, leaving it in better condition than when you arrived and, of course, come back!

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