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Internal regulation

  1. All of Camping Mougás’ clients should know and comply with these regulations.
  2. Clients should provide proof of their identification and residence and sign the entry form, thereby accepting the prices and regulations.
  3. Those who do not comply with these regulations or do not respect rules of decent behaviour will not be accepted, or will be expelled from the campsite with the help of the police if necessary.
  4. Under-16s will not be allowed into the campsite unless accompanied by a person of legal age who is responsible for them.
  5. Cases of infectious disease must be informed to the management.
  6. You will be assigned a lot by reception; if it is not to your liking or does not suit your needs, please ask for a change in reception.
  7. Each lot can only be used by a maximum of one tent and one vehicle.
  8. Driving is not allowed from midnight to 8 am; the rest of the time, the maximum speed inside the campsite is 10 km/hour.
  9. No honking allowed inside the campsite.
  10. The campsite is not responsible for any damage caused by theft, loss or destruction of garments and objects, money, jewellery or documents, if such damage does not result from the company’s activities.
  11. You are not allowed to cut or prune the trees or grass. Please inform the management if you would like this done.
  12. You can only light a fire (barbecues, etc.) in the barbecue area.
  13. Dogs or other pets should always be kept on a leash and controlled by their owner, who is responsible for their hygiene and any other damage they may cause.
  14. The campsite’s services are only for the use of guests.
  15. Clients should consume electricity responsibly on their lot. The campsite management reminds you that the Galician law on tourist campsites forbids the use of electrical appliances in general.
  16. You should check out from the lot before noon, otherwise it will be understood that you are staying for another night.
  17. You should not make any noise in the campsite after 11.30 pm. Please consult with management regarding appropriate areas for celebrations to be held in the campsite. The campsite management will inform clients about any celebrations that are held, as an exception, outside the usual hours.


  1. All clients must follow the signs and posters displayed by the campsite.
  2. The capacity in each area of ​​the campsite will be marked with signage.
  3. Hydrogels at your disposal should be used at the entrance and exit of each room.
  4. Garbage should be thrown in closed bags to the containers destined for its purpose.
  5. When the payment is made by card, the POS will be properly disinfected.
  6. In the toilets use the bins for this purpose.
  7. All the utensils must be inside the parcels without being able to exceed the limits of the parcels.
  8. All clients without exceptions, they must firm the RESPONSIBLE DECLARATION sheet at the entrance to the facilities.